Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy International Tartan Day

Tartan is one of simplest, most exciting, colorful, and creative forms of weaving I do. I have even woven tartan with draw-loom work with supplemental weft over it. To learn more about tartan history go to

A picture from my competition days - 15+ years ago. Kilt is Angus District Dress - handwoven and hand tailored my KM.  The hose are knit Argyll to imitate the kilt's pattern.

Tartan Day is not known as a drinking holiday, so will never be as popular as St. Patrick's Day, but celebrate! I'm going to thread up a 2/8 Heather yarn version of the Michigan Tartan. It will be for a vest and moggins, as well as a test of my new 7-dent reed for upholstery-weight tartan Happy Tartan Day

Kati Reeder Meek 4-6-11