Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Special

Winter is here in all its beauty and chills, and to warm your Holidays, a special handwoven bookmark in the Lithuanian style will be included in your order for Reflections from a Flaxen Past: For Love of Lithuanian Weaving

In the Spring I was comissioned to weave a Lithuanian-style blouse in the mode of one I did on the draw-loom. I accepted, with the foolish confidence that I could get my 24-shaft Toika to reproduce the patterns of my sold-to-Kay Faulkner-in Australia Glimakra 12-shaft drawloom. After many hours with my Fiberworks PCW program zoomed-in to the max and playing in the liftplan we got what we wanted. Of course, I had to weave a sample to check that my 33/1 warp would weave up and second, that the scale of the patterns would be right. Jalapajano! Now that the cloth for the blouse is woven, I've decided that the samples would make lovely bookmarks. What better way to celebrate my success than to offer a Winter Special? So,from now until Roc Day - (January 12, 2015 when our group will celebrate back-to-spinning)we will include a handwoven Lithuanian-patterned bookmark with each copy of A Flaxen Past.

Handwoven linen bookmarks with Lithuanian-style pick-up patterning 1.5 x 9 inches