Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Winter Solstice 2018!  The days will now be getting longer - well, the minutes of daylight should be getting longer, at least.  Afraid that at this stage of my weaving life, the apparent length of days is continually shortening.
   After the curvy-back settee’s completion late last year, the sofa upholstery to replace the first I did nearly 50 years ago, got underway. This is for an old camelback sofa. The 14 yards of simple panama, dyed to compliment the setteeupholstery, was cut down, wet-finished and roll-blocked, waiting now for the dyepot to complete the 38-yard gimp warp. That will go onto the Baby Macomber  loom for speedier weaving than the inkle would manage.
Red Sun Rising, handspun, hand dyed, wool on linen - transparency.  Won second place in Art in the Loft's show "RED" came with $! prize
Thunder Bay Sunrise  Gagnefkrus with linen on cotton plus a wee bit of metallic

My newest loom - an ERICA with three shafts has a transparency study done at Timmins, Ontario with Jette Vandermeiden at OHS WASOON conference.  The loom is a treasure and honors my genius-friend Erica deRuiter.
  A warp is newly dressed on Bene Toika, ready to weave damask towels with multi-colored leaves, and another warp is ready to go onto the drawloom where, as soon as I remember/figure out how to weave it, I will invite guild mates to bring their handspun to weave their own runner using the shaft draw system.


 Treehouse Studio is out of stock on  Warp with a Trapeze and Dance with Your Loom Trapeze is now available from Becky' Väv Stuga.  Go to:  to order, rather than from here.

The 'big book' Reflections from a Flaxen Past is still available here for a limited time.  It includes the basic information from 'Trapeze' PLUS textile history, flax growing & processing, projects inspired by the Lithuanian research.....  I'm told it is a beautiful and valuable book.

Peace, blessings, Kati (and 'teenager' John) Yule 2018