Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tartan Report

This tartan great kilt has reached the half-way point! This is a physically demanding piece of cloth. It is 18/2 JaggerSpun set at 36 epi. Very dense for this yarn. The live-weight tension is 60 pounds and I have lashed a 10 pound weight bar to the overhead beater in order to get it to pack in at 36 ppi. I am wishing I had it on the Glimakra or Toika where there is a little more 'swing to the sley'. The antique Leclerc is marginally heavy enough for this dense, 30-inch wide warp. The loom 'walks' about an inch every foot of weaving, even with all the weights hanging on it and sticky-pads under the feet. I use an oak dowel as lever to lift it so I can clean the pads and move the loom back into place. The colors are flowing beautifully and it is rewarding to watch the cloth-roll grow fat. You can see the hemstitching half done on the end of the first panel.


  1. Beautiful tartan, Kati! Very yappy to see you are posting on your blog now. Adding your blog to the "Weaving Blogs of Interest" on mine.

  2. Those colors are beautiful! I wouldn't have thought to put purple with the blue/green, but it's stunning.

  3. Dear Rhonda, I'm sorry, I'm a little slow on the uptake (too busy weaving and teaching). Acutally, the colors are light blue, light green, dark green, white, and red. The purple that you see is just one of the wonders of tartans - the eye makes multiple new colors! The purple happens where the red crosses the blue. Kati 2-25-11