Saturday, April 24, 2010

CNCH report

I’m back and unpacked from CNCH, a well-run conference with exciting exhibits and great students. There is some serious weaving talent in Northern California! My chauffeur from the airport, Ulla de Larios, gave me a tour of a few pieces on exhibit and I was blown away by the power and beauty of her large format weaving, as well as her S & Z spun sweater. Will, a student in my tartan class brought a kilt he wove. I met Tien Chiu and saw her model her spectacular wedding dress/coat ensemble. I chatted with Judith MacKenzie McCuin and got an autograph on her Intentional Spinner. I became enchanted with the new mini-spinner from Hansen Crafts and came home with one - in cherry. I visited with Lillian Whipple and Gudrun Polak . I roomed with Susan Wilson of Crackle fame. I gave a program in the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles , surrounded by the Navajo weavings of Lucy and Ellen Begay. I ate Mexican fire, I ate Japanese sushi, I stayed up on the mountain-top with Anne Dunham webmistress for Glenna Harris guild . I touched redwood trees. I picked oranges. I sailed on Joyride across San Francisco Bay with Jenn and Jim my post-conference hosts .

I worked hard and played hard, but flying to teach is getting to be agonizing. What’s an old teacher to do?

Thought you should see a picture of my ‘teenager’ who handles shipping your book orders. (He thinks I’m sloughing off if no order come in for a few hours.)
Treadle with Joy, Kati

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