Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The first two print runs of Warp with a Trapeze and Dance with your Loom are gone, shipped out to many corners of the world, breaking all records and expectations. Thanks, fiber friends. We are expecting the next 100 copies in a day or two, so new orders should ship soon. My "teenager shipping clerk" (actually, my 70-year old husband) is learning the ropes very quickly and he will be totally in charge for the next week as I will be at CNCH playing tartan, flax, and linen with fiber folks out there. Feel free to ‘talk’ with him. When he is not shipping books or keeping the books, (or waiting on me hand and foot), he plays silver flute, NA wooden flute, and the Great Highland Bagpipes.
The Gift of Life Foundation Great Kilt is finished and on its way to the tartan’s co-designer, Nicole. Until I have a picture of her wearing it, here is a look at 60.4 square feet of a new tartan design. Treadle with Joy, Kati

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  1. Kati, your Tartan turned out beautiful! I'm so glad you're blogging, isn't it fun? Your 'Trapeze' book arrived in the mail and it's great that I now have my own copy. Looking forward for more of your posts.